Fast Track Bachelor Degree Programs

We have teamed up exclusively with USILACS who offer fast track degree programs, specifically for teachers who would like to get a degree. These programs are all remote and are a fraction of the cost of a “regular” degree course. The main courses on offer are Business, Education and Social Science & Counselling and these can be further divided into sub topics/subjects.

More Details – Fast Track Degree programs:

Founded in 2014, USILACS is an international education institution headquartered in Ocala, Florida USA, which offers solutions to the logistical challenges present in the current academic environment.

Our HESEAP fast-track degree program gives our students an affordable and quick way to receive an accredited university degree. Initially developed to help experienced teachers secure a work permit abroad simply because they didn’t have a university degree, the HESEAP offerings have now expanded to 10 different degree programs and full document legalization.

Higher Education Skills Equivalency Accreditation Program

HESEAP uses equivalent competency standards, a comprehensive assessment system and combined assessment methodologies to assess the student’s previous college-level education and experience.

Based on the candidate’s knowledge, skills, prior education, experience, awards and achievements, qualified students are accepted into the HESEAP program and awarded Classroom Learning Credits.

Students must then take a series of exams and write essays proving that they have gathered enough knowledge to be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree.

Pass the exams and, congratulations.  You are now a degree holder!

The costs for these fantastic programs is approximately $2500 depending on the program type and subject.

What’s more, if you apply with Synergy Recruitment, for one of these very affordable courses you will automatically receive a $50 discount on the cost of a bachelor’s degree. These courses can all be studied remotely.  

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