TESOL Course Packages

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To apply for any of these exciting packages please contact greg@synergy-recruitment.co.uk or rob@synergy-recruitment.co.uk

In addition to the above the full relocation package also gives you the following:

  • ‚ÄčExpert guidance on finding the right accommodation for you and your budget
  • Assistance with the most convenient and cheapest mode of transport, the motorbike! You will receive the details of a trustworthy motorbike dealer and mechanic plus a free 1 month warranty
  • A free city tour, to welcome you and get you accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of your new home
  • A free language exchange program whereby you will be connected with locals who want to practice their English and you can learn the local language as well as make new friends. Formal Vietnamese lessons available too
  • Full assistance with visa and work permit
  • Teaching assistance with specific guidance on how to teach Vietnamese students and the best resources to use
  • Travel discounts and more with a local tour operator

To apply or find out more details of any of the above packages please contact either greg@synergy-recruitment.co.uk or elle@synergy-recruitment.co.uk